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UM International Expanding to Asia & Africa

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UM is an international motorcycle company that launching an evolution by expanding
to new markets. UM first began to sell motorcycles in Latin America, but now is
expanding to new countries in Asia and Africa.

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There has been a growing global demand for stylish and affordable bikes in developing
countries because motorcycles are a great alternative to automotive transportation.
Because of this, UM fits the unique needs of customers in these countries by providing
high quality designs at a lower cost than similar motorcycles. It is for this reason that
UM is expanding to Thailand, Bangladesh, India, and South Africa.

Motorcycles by UM International are a great fit for the Asian and African customer
because they consider customer needs. As a global brand, UM has a wide variety of
motorcycles to choose from including scooters, cruisers, and sport bikes. Some of the
most popular designs have been the Xtreet and Renegade because of their innovative

For example, the Xtreet has innovative LED lights and a unique exhaust system. Both of
these items keep riders safe by providing unique features that no other bikes have.
The exhaust system is uniquely located under the seat to prevent riders from being
burned while the LED lights provide enhanced vision around corners for bikers who
ride at night.

The birth of a UM motorcycle begins with the design process in the United States.
Then, motorcycles are manufactured in China and exported to distributors wordwide.
In this global network, there are 1,200 stores in over 20 countries and 800 authorized
service centers. To learn more about UM International, view videos on the UM
International YouTube channel
or visit

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