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We're writing to let you know that we will be introducing Google Wallet Merchant registration availability for Google Play Developers in additional countries. Beginning Feb 6 2014, developers from Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Thailand will be able to sign up as merchants through the Google Play Developer Console.
To get started with Google Wallet Merchant registration:

  1. Visit your profile page on the Google Play Developer Console at
  2. Under the Merchant Account heading, click the 'Set up a merchant account now' link

Registered Merchants from these countries will receive payouts from Google via wire transfer of USD. For more information about receiving payouts via wire transfer, please visit the Google Play Android Developer Help Center:
If you have previously associated a Google Wallet Merchant account from another country with your Google Play Developer account, you will be required to create a new Google Play Developer account in order to register as a merchant in any of these additional countries.
Thank you for your continued support of Google Play.
The Google Play Team
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