This is a thai owned, clean titled (green pamphlet), 31,000 km odometer yet the meter has since stopped working, I would say 40,000 as a safe reading of real mileage, in the 2 years I have ownership.
4 stroke Yamaha Fresh
I am the 2nd owner and has been my staple work bike fully reliable for 3 years of ownership.
If your looking for a reliable, yet beater bike(please note),gets you from point a to b, lemme know

Some wear and tear particularly near back brake lamp and right footpad, front mudflap,
It's history:
-Clean title, green booklet
-regular oil changes
-new front tire, everything else stock from 2001 it could use a new back tire
-original 105 cc engine
-all circuits and lights work and maintained, passed all standard inspections.
-liability insurance, taxes, safety test, emissions included.
-sticker registration renewed in August, so your paid up and will not have problems with traffic stops.
7,500 BT
This bike has been loved, and has the wear to prove it's endurance. It is old yet reliable. with Yamaha in the subject line, thanks
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