We hope this letter finds you and yours doing all well and that you are happily awaiting the hot summer of 2012. We, friends from Vietnam, are currently riding a long trip on Vespa scooters around the ASEAN countries with a wish of sharing our passion and challenge with you all, who have been long dedicated to the spirit and culture of Vespa.

A must in desire of any human being is to discover the charming of life. As a harmonization between the desire and the convergence in treasuring the more-than-six-decade heritage of Vespa, the Vespa friends from Vietnam are always eager to bring our Vespa scooters to explore as well as conquer every single track of land. It is certain that each of such journey is a distinctly special experience.

This year, we decided to organize a rally through four ASEAN countries to socialize, exchange hobbies and strengthen the unity and relationships among all Vespa enthusiasts in the region. Indeed, the so-called "ASEAN Vespa Trip 2012" will go through Vietnam - Laos - Thailand - Malaysia – Singapore. 10 members, as a group, hold strong will to overcome difficulties, volunteer to be messengers of solidarity and ride their Vespa to captioned countries with the aim for not only promoting the image of the Vietnam Vintage Vespa to international communities, sharing spirit and culture among members, but also broadcasting the standing of Vespa image in the new era.

The trip is scheduled in sixteen days from 14.04.2012 to 29.04.2012, and has been supported by more than 2600 members from Vietnam Vespafriend Club together with thousands of Vespa fans throughout the world. The information of this trip will be updated daily in forums, social networks and other mass media.

We do expect that the Vietnam Vespa friends would receive from you the highest consideration in offering strong support and essential guidance for the final success of the trip.

Thank you and sincerely yours,

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